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Blacksmith’s Crafting Station for Custom Objects

Posted by NixNivis on 26 July, 2015

Blacksmith's Anvil for Custom Objects

Category: Hobbies -> Misc.
EPs Required: Open for Business
Cost: $945
Poly Count: Medium poly (1227)

Update, 6 April 2019: After almost four years (!), I’ve been told there’s a problem with the enthusiasm gain, that would make Sims gain enthusiasm super fast. I have no idea how I could have missed this in testing, but it’s been fixed now.

Please, people, please, if you find an issue with one of my objects, then let me know about it! And when I say “me” I mean me, personally, not Random Person on Your Forum of Choice; I don’t do telepathy, so if you don’t tell me there’s a problem (and want to see it fixed), there’s a very good chance I’ll never know. Help me out here, would you? Please?

Important! I very strongly advise you NOT include this item with lots, but link to it instead. This isn’t because I like to make people’s lives difficult, but because it won’t package properly and will throw errors in your downloaders’ games.

If you nevertheless do include it with a lot, you’ll have to manually add the tools and the crafting objects (all found in the “AnvilCraftingItems” folder) to your zip file. Otherwise, the anvil won’t work properly for your downloaders.

And if you still include it with a lot, but don’t bother to add the crafting items as directed above… then that’s on your head, not mine. 🙄

So, a while back I made a blacksmith’s crafting station, cloned from the OFB robot station. I also made some default replacement bots to go with it, to give it more of a medieval feel. One of my commenters wondered if it would be possible to make those default replacement bots custom ones instead, for the players who’d like to have both Hydrobots and flying water buckets in their game. Unfortunately, after trying and failing spectacularly quite a few times, my answer had to be “no can do” – I couldn’t get Sims to craft custom anything, least of all custom bots. So that was that. 😦

But the idea stuck with me, to have a crafting station where your blacksmith Sims could make custom… not bots, obviously, but other custom items, and gain skill and enthusiasm in the process. I knew that building something like this from scratch was waaay above my current modding level, though… so I asked the brilliant Rebecah @ Affinity Sims if I may use the BHAVs from the candle maker she made with G-Knee – and kind and generous simmer that she is, she said yes. 😀 (So in case you're here from the Keep: No, I did not clone one of Sun & Moon’s crafting stations. I cloned Rebecah’s candle maker, and this with Rebecah’s explicit permission.)

The result was this: A blacksmith’s crafting station for custom items (not bots).

Hammering out objects at this anvil, your blacksmith Sims will gain Mechanical skill, and if you have FT, they will gain Science enthusiasm as well. (Maybe Tinkering would have made more sense, but you can gain Tinkering from danged near everything. Not so much for poor Science. So let’s just say Sims gain Science enthusiasm because… because they need knowledge of metallurgy. Yeah, that’s it. *nods*) They need to have at least one Mechanical skill point first, though – to me it didn’t seem safe to let Sims with zero mechanical knowledge go at hot metal with heavy tools. 😛

But once your Sims have the necessary skill, they may craft till their heart’s content, with six different kinds of deco items to choose from (fifteen items all in all, all extracted from TSM). What the individual Sim is able to make depends on his or her Mechanical skill level, though. (Click on the thumbnails for larger images.)

Click for larger image  
With just one Mechanical skill point, your Sims can only make horseshoes,
either a single one or a pile of three.
Click for larger image  
At three skill points, they can make three kinds of goblets.
Click for larger image  
At four, they can make a cooking pot and a cauldron.
Click for larger image  
At five, they can make three kinds of candlesticks, that of course also
are functional lights.
Click for larger image  
At seven, we’re getting down to business. 😉 Now your Sims can make swords: a broadsword (to the right) and a greatsword, either lying down or standing up. (You only get a picture of the standing ones; the lying ones look exactly the same, only, well, lying down.)

The standing swords require a wall behind, but they can be placed against a wall with a window or something else already on it without using cheats.

Click for larger image  
And at nine Mechanical skill points, your Sims can make a shining suit of armour. M’lord will be most pleased. 😀

Note that, just as with other crafting items, these will not show up in the catalogue, only in your Sim’s inventory.

How long it takes the Sim to make the object in question depends on how advanced it is; a horseshoe will be a quick affair, but if your Sim is making a suit of armour, he’ll be at it for a while. You can interrupt the crafting before the object is finished – but your Sim will not be able to resume making the object the next time if you do, they will have to start all over again.

Also, to me it didn’t seem right for Sims to be able to make items for free, that they then could sell for profit – I mean, they have to get the materials from somewhere, right? So, making an object will cost two-thirds of what it sells for from your Sim’s inventory. Like crafting time, the prize depends on the complexity of the object: A single horseshoe costs just $2 to make, whilst a suit of armour costs $805. The rest of the items are prized in between. (Of course, if you’re unhappy with this margin of profit, if you instead sell the items in your Sim’s OFB shop, you’re free to set the prize as high or low as you want.)

The anvil (that indeed is the anvil from TSM, in case you think it looks familiar) has four recolours, including the original, orange TSM one. The barrel (that isn’t from TSM, but from Turbosquid) comes in four of Shasta’s wonderful pirate woods + a bonus darker Twig. White didn’t seem like a good colour to use in a smithy. 😉

Now, I very strongly believe that if you clone, or use significant parts of, somebody else’s object to make your own, then it’s their terms of use that should apply, not yours. In this case, that’s Rebecah’s. So, just to make sure there is no confusion about what the terms are here:

Credit is always appreciated – and if you do give credit (you will, right?), please give it to both me and Rebecah. Without her original object and generous policy, this object – and yours – wouldn’t exist.

Special Thanks…

…again go to Rebecah, who doesn’t just make amazing objects to enrich our games, but who also shares her vast knowledge of things Sim with the rest of us in the simming community with such great generosity and kindness.

Thank you, Rebecah! You make this community a better place! ❤




22 Responses to “Blacksmith’s Crafting Station for Custom Objects”

  1. LilSister [BANNED] said

    Comment removed

  2. nonni222 said

    And yet… She scores again! The crowd goes wild. (insert sound of roaring cheering stadium crowd).

    Good Work, Johanna. Thank you!

    • NixNivis said

      *takes a bow* Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week. 😉

      I’m very glad you like it, but you know I can’t stress enough that this item wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Rebecah. I only seem tall because I’m standing on the shoulders of a giant. ❤

  3. Charity322 said

    Wow. Nice! Thanks for trying so hard to make a custom crafting station.

    • NixNivis said

      And thank you for giving me the idea! I’m not sure I would have thought of this if you hadn’t asked about custom bots back then. 🙂 (I really wish I could have pulled that off, because it would have been so awesome to have. 😦 Ah well.)

  4. This is beyond amazing! Thanks, Nix.

  5. Gina said

    Thank you again! I love both your’s and Rebecah’s stuff. You are both wonderful creators! So it is truly a win-win when something is created for all of us Sims 2 lovers when your great minds are put together into one item!

    • NixNivis said

      Thank you! Very glad you like it, and my other stuff as well. 😀 I’m nowhere near Rebecah’s league, though, I play in the bottom divisions compared to her. 🙂 I’m so glad she’s still creating for Sims 2!

  6. Oh WOW!!!
    I loved the older version – don’t get me wrong – flying water buckets oh my!
    But this – THIS is just pure awesomesauce 😉
    I am so glad you keep creating for the Sims 2. You keep the game ‘alive’. Thank YOU!

    • NixNivis said

      Hee! 😀 Very glad you like it! And I’m still quite fond of the older one, too, I really liked those bots. I wish I could have made them custom, because that would have been ten times as awesomesaucy, but yeah. 😦 (I talked a little to Rebecah about it, and she said she hadn’t been able to clone the bots, either – and if she can’t do it, a hack like me certainly cannot.)

      And don’t worry, I’ll be creating for Sims 2 until they pry it from my cold, dead hands. 😉 I love this game, not just creating for it but playing it as well – and I think it’s awesome that so many others still do, too. I remember when Sims 3 was announced, I had just started for creating Sims 2 and I thought “crap, I’ve just got into this and now everybody is going to abandon Sims 2 for Sims 3, just like it was with Sims 1” – but it never happened. Says something about what a good game this is, I think. 🙂

  7. Graywolf3 said

    Nix, just had to tell you how great this is. Being a blacksmith in RL I am impressed with your “realism factor” on this project. Fantastic!

    • NixNivis said

      You’re a blacksmith IRL? How great is that! Makes me even happier that you like this. 😀 I know next to nothing about these things for real, but I did try to make it so that it sort of made sense, so it makes me very glad if I succeeded. 🙂

  8. Seamoan said

    I love your stuff. So useful and pretty. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. carolus said

    Finally I have put your workingstation in my downloads …I was too curious,lol.

    It is absolutely splendid,simple,onetiled and visible in NH.Thanks !

    And I had to build a whole twilek medieval castle to have a place which fits.I am still working on that…

    Now,I have a question:What happens if I remove some items(gobelets for example).
    Will the whole workingstation-file be borked or will the sims be just unable to produce gobelets?

    • NixNivis said

      Glad you like it! 😀 And unlike the exercise mat, which was visible from ‘hood view by accident, this time it was completely on purpose. Since the in-game crafting stations are visible in the ‘hood, to me it seemed logical for this one to be as well. 🙂

      Re whether or not deleting crafting items will bork things, it can bork the entire station, it depends on what you do – but then it will only be mild borkage that can be easily fixed in game, so it’s nothing bad or dangerous.

      If you delete e.g. the goblets, and then never again have any Sims craft goblets, you’re all good; they can still make everything else. But, if you try to make them craft goblets anyway, then they won’t be able to use that particular crafting station again. It won’t crash or anything, you just won’t see any menu options when you click on it. It will only be a problem with the active crafting station, though, there’s no damage to the actual file in your Downloads folder, so all you need to do is to buy a new crafting station in game (you’ll have to use moveobjects on to be able to delete the old one) and all will be well again. 🙂

      Also, the borkage doesn’t happen until the very end of the crafting sequence, when the item is supposed to be spawned in your Sim’s inventory, so even if you accidentally have your Sim start making a goblet, you’re in the clear as long as you cancel the action before the object is finished.

  10. croiduire said

    Your work is amazing. Thank you!

  11. NixNivis said

    The anvil has been updated to fix a problem with the enthusiasm gain. Thanks to DeeDee-Sims @ Tumblr!

  12. Thank you for the update!

    • NixNivis said

      Sorry for the late reply! And you’re welcome. 🙂 (Still can’t understand how on God’s green earth I could have missed this in testing, but I obviously did. 😳 )

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