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“Still Here” Lamp

Posted by NixNivis on 19 July 2017

Category: Lighting -> Ceiling Lamps
Cost: $95
Poly Count: Medium poly (1160)
EPs Required: None – base game compatible

First of all: I’m NOT on hiatus and I’m NOT inactive! I’m very much active and I am working on stuff, on several stuffs – but a lot of it is pretty complex stuffs, and complex stuff takes time (at least if you care about pesky little things like not crashing people’s games). So I thought I’d best make a lamp to show that I’m, you know, still here, before someone I don’t know from Adam decides to be “helpful” and proclaims that I’ve left the community forevah, or somesuch. 🙄 (Yes, this has actually happened in the past.)

Anyway. The “Still Here” lamp is loosely based on a ceiling lamp that one of my neighbours has in their kitchen. (No, I don’t spy on my neighbours, honest, but the apartment buildings aren’t very far apart where I live.) It come in no less than four different palettes: Anna’s colours, Kiri’s Colour Surge a.k.a. the MLC palette, Poppet’s Lonesome and Shasta’s Yeti palette. All in all, that’s 78 recols, so I’m sure you’ll find something that catches your fancy. 😉

Up close, the lamp looks like this: white inside (the edge is white as well, it just looks grey in the screenshot), coloured and recolourable outside. The mesh is Lonesome Orange, BTW; that colour comes quite close to that of the RL lamp.

And the full-size mesh looks like this (picture is taken in a room with no other lights present and no windows, hence why the unlit one looks so dark):

Mandatory Sim size-comparison pic:


Returning visitors know that I usually take screenshots of all recols in game (this because as a downloader, I personally like to actually see what I’m downloading, so that’s what you get, too), but I don’t quite have the spoons for that right now. 😦 So for once, you’ll just get swatches; all of them except Anna’s have been shamelessly pinched from their respective creators. ❤ They're included in the upload as well:

Anna’s Colours



Shasta’s Yeti Palette


11 Responses to ““Still Here” Lamp”

  1. shastakiss said

    Nix! I’m so happy to see you and I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for the very round very smooth lamp :3

    • NixNivis said

      Shasta! *glomps* I’m v. happy to see you, too. 🙂 I’m doing quite well, thank you – hope you are as well.

      Glad you like! I love round and smooth, round and smooth makes me happy. 😀 Sure, it brings the poly count up a little, but it’s not like I’m going to whack myself with a ban hammer for making a one-tile object that’s more than 800 polys. 😛

  2. Gina Ayars said

    Nice! I am so happy you are active! 🙂

    • Gina Ayars said

      Couldn’t figure out how to edit.. what I really mean to say is that I am happy you are feeling well enough to be active 🙂 being crashy/low spoons is no fun.

      • NixNivis said

        You can’t edit your comments, I’m afraid, only I can because I have magical admin powers. (But they only work here; if I post on somebody else’s WordPress blog, I can’t edit my comments, either.) Which IMO is a bit of a fail on WP’s part, since you also can’t preview your comments. :/

        And thank you! ❤ Yeah, I have a pretty decent spoon supply right now, which is nice. The distribution can be a bit uneven at times (meaning, I have good days and bad days), but all in all, I'm doing well, so hopefully, I'll be able to be a bit more visibly active on the creation front, and actually upload things. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous smoothness, oh my! Thank YOU so much for this sweet little lamp – I love it’s “long drop.” ❤

    • NixNivis said

      I lurve smoothness. Skru the poly count – gimme smooth! 😀 (Like I said to Shasta above, it’s not like I’m going to ban myself for making a one-tile object that’s more than 800 polys. 😛 )

      And I know, right? That’s what caught my eye about the RL lamp and made me want to sim it, it think it makes it a little more interesting to look at than just an average, round lamp. Glad you like it! ❤

  4. G said

    Thanks for creating and uploading all this great content, I love your stuff

  5. Love it Nix, but then love everything you do!!

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