AL Landlord Trousers as Untuckable Separates

Tops by CatOfEvilGenius and slkn @ ModTheSims

Don’t look at me like that; I can too make clothes that aren’t sci-fi related. 😉

I’ve always liked the trousers on the female landlord in Apartment Life, but I couldn’t find them as separates anywhere. (I think I know why – the UV map wasn’t very separation-friendly.) So I separated them and turned them into untuckable bottoms for AF and EF.

The trousers have been decustomized, so they don’t have a CC star and you will find them back with the Maxis clothes. They are still base-game compatible, though – they do not require Apartment Life (or any other expansion).

For AF, the trousers have two variations, low waist (seen above) and high waist. The ones with a high waist are good in case you e.g. want to use a Maxis top, but don’t want your Sim to show skin; the ones with a low waist work great with untuckable tops – or with Maxis tops if you do want your Sim to show some skin. 😛 They have fat and preg morphs.

High Waist (low waist seen above):

The trousers for EF only have a high waist, and for obvious reasons they also only have a fat morph. They are texture-linked to the AF high waist trousers, so these are needed in game for the EF trousers to display properly.

Tops by CatOfEvilGenius and Cocomama @ MTS




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  1. 1

    Very, very cool. And while they might not necessarily be sci-fi related, they definitely have their uses in-game. My sims wardrobe is is dire need of clothes for regular folks (merchants, smugglers, politicans and other types who don’t have a standard uniform). Cheers!

    • 2

      NixNivis said,

      Glad you like! Actually, I wasn’t completely honest when I said they aren’t sci-fi related, because the main reason I made them is that I wanted Irina to have something nice to wear when she’s off duty. 🙂 There’s no reason for an admiral in San Fran to be in uniform when she’s off the clock, and the landlord trousers were just perfect for her.

  2. 3

    Nonni said,

    Well done, thank you for using your skill and knowledge to make a separation-unfriendly UV map into something more user friendly. Jason has a good point, not all the sims in our Star Trek ‘hoods wear uniforms. Thanks, again, Johanna. ;o)

    • 4

      NixNivis said,

      Thank you! Yeah, the UV map was made to work with the landlord outfit and that outfit only; Maxis obviously didn’t have “recolourable trousers” in mind when they made it. They’re perfectly recolourable now, though. 😉 And as I told Jason above, the main reason I made these was actually that I wanted one of my Trek characters to have something nice to wear when she’s off duty. She’s a Starfleet admiral, but she’s in San Francisco, so there’s no reason for her to stay in uniform when she’s off the clock. 🙂
      Oh, I’ll be posting these at CBS as well, BTW. 🙂

  3. 5

    leefish said,

    Oh, I saw these on a tumblr blog and thought hey, I recognise that picture taking style – and yup, it was a NixNivis item.

    They look great 🙂

    • 6

      NixNivis said,

      Thanks! I think I know which tumblr, too, I’ve been getting quite a few hits from there. 😀 This has quickly become one of my most downloaded items – maybe I should make normal stuff more often.
      …nah. 😉

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