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Blacksmith’s Custom Crafting Station

After four years (!), I’ve been told there’s a problem with the enthusiasm gain for this object, that would make Sims gain enthusiasm super fast. I’ve no idea how the f… I missed this in testing, but it’s been fixed now, and the fixed file is included with the main download.

Also, I’ve updated the anvil to give you an error message in case one or more of the crafting items are missing, instead of it just quietly returning false. This since I know of at least one instance (but there are probably more) where a lot builder has packaged the anvil with a lot but hasn’t included the crafting items that are absolutely necessary for it to work. 😕

Because of this, I’ve also added a text file called “IMPORTANT FOR LOT BUILDERS” to the download, that reiterates the warning on the download page about including the anvil with lot (that is, it’s best if you don’t, but if you still do, you have to include the crafting items as well). Not that I think it will help since nobody ever reads readme files, but then at least I’ve done what I can.

Alternate Download Links

22 Feb, 2019: With Sim File Share still being down, and also because it’s never wise to put all your eggs in one basket, I’ve now added alternate Google Drive download links to all my downloads. Future downloads will also have alternate links, just to be on the safe side.

Counter Completers: Add-ons for Eight In-Game Counters

Umm, so yeah… 😳

22 April, 2016: Fixed borked shadows on four of the counters. (Thanks to voleste for reporting!)

1 June, 2017: Fixed floating slots on the Neo-Quartzo wall cabinets. (Thanks to Artemida for reporting!)

6 Jan, 2018: Fixed the door for the doors-drawers Value counter, that behaved weirdly when you added a sink. (Thanks thanks to ekrubynaffit for reporting!)

30 Dec, 2018: Fixed the top drawer of the Forbidden Fruit DrawersShelves counter, that also behaved weirdly when you added a sink.

To be continued… 🙄

Vulcan Hair for Ladies of All Ages



  • the mesh is now animated for all ages, not just AF/EF
  • the mesh fits more closely around the ears so that it looks better on Sims who don’t have pointy ears
  • for all ages, the mesh blends more smoothly with the neck
  • AF/EF no longer has a gap at the neck
  • all UV maps have been slightly edited, but not so much as to break existing recolours
  • and finally, there are new recolours with Pooklet textures

Find it here.

Rank Insignia – New and Improved!

TNG Rank Insignia


  • all meshes have been updated; they now have a better shape and look crisper
  • all UV maps have been updated so that they actually make sense
  • all textures have been updated, following the new UV maps
  • the admiral’s rank insignia for TNG/VGR now have their own meshes and recols
  • the TNG/VGR shoulder rank insignia have new bone assignments; they now move properly with the shoulder and won’t clip as badly into the Sim’s body
  • and last but not least, all rank insignia now have custom thumbnails in CAS and in game, so you’ll no longer have to squint at a nondescript head to try to figure out how many pips it’s wearing

Find them here.