Nixed Sims

Sims 2 Things by NixNivis

Report Bugs

I test my items thoroughly before release, but unfortunately some bugs might (and do 😳 ) still slip through the cracks. So if you find a problem with any of my downloads, I’d be super grateful if you’d report it to me, either by leaving a comment on the item’s download page or by using the form below, whichever you prefer.

You’re not bothering me or inconveniencing me or taking up my time or anything like that – on the contrary, you’re doing me a favour! I want my creations to be the best they can be, so I want to know about any issues so I can fix them. I’m not telepathic, though, so if you just tell Random Person on MTS that “Nix’s [item] doesn’t work!” there’s a good chance I’ll never know, not unless someone points me to the post or I stumble across it by myself – and there are no guarantees either will happen. 😦

So help me out a little here? Pretty please with sugar on top? And a cherry? ❤

Please Check This First:

  • Did you put the item in your Downloads folder?
    (If not, then please do and check the item in game again. The game only reads items in your Downloads folder, not on your desktop. 😉 )

  • Did you unzip it?
    (If not, then please do and check the item in game again. The game can’t read zipped files.)

  • Did you install the item while your game was running?
    (If yes, then please close your game, restart it and check the item again. The game only loads your Downloads folder at startup, not continuously, so any items you add while the game is running won’t show up until you restart it.)

  • Did you follow the installation instructions (if applicable)?
    (Most of my items don’t have any special installation instructions, but there are a few that do – you’ll find the instructions in a text file in the download zip file in that case. Please check one more time that you’ve put everything where it’s supposed to go; things like CEPs won’t work properly if they aren’t installed correctly.)

  • Do you have the required expansion packs installed?
    (If you don’t, you might experience jump bugs or even crashes. In that case, you can’t use this particular item in your game – sorry!)

If you’ve checked all this and still are having problems, then the form below is what you want. ⭐

Your bug report doesn’t have to be technical in any way, but the more detail you can give me, the better. (“It doesn’t work” doesn’t really tell me anything; “Sims can’t use it” or “I can’t click it” is a little better, because then at least I have a starting point; “Sims can’t use it, I can click on it but the the action drops out of the Sim’s queue, and I have [these EPs] installed” is brilliant; also give me the first 10 lines of the error log (not counting the build and date lines) and I’ll love you forever. 😀 )

Your name and email are both optional, but just in case I need to ask you any follow-up questions about the problem it would be great if you could at least fill in your email address. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, though, then by all means leave it empty – to me, it’s much, much better to get an anonymous report than not to get a report at all.