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Oh, Happy Day!

I have a new computer, and it runs like a dream! :mrgreen: Most importantly, it runs TS2 like a dream; my full game, that took 35< mins to load on my old computer? Now takes <15. And even big, CC-laden lots, that tended to lag a bit on the old comp., run smoothly – even though the graphics card doesn't have any dedicated memory, but sponges on the RAM.

I'm still in the process of moving in, but hopefully I'll be able to return to my original simming shortly and all will once again be well in my world. 🙂 And this will be the last you'll have to hear about my computer troubles. 😛


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“Holonovel”: K’Diwa

Chocolate Therapy

Even Vulcan hearts can break.

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled simming for *another* announcent

Yeah, so I got into bad company over at, and it ended in me making this thing that I never, ever would have thought of making otherwise.

It’s a vampire music box. An animated vampire music box. With custom sound.

It’s a companion piece to the SÖMNIG Vampire Sleep Set by the Coffin Crew @ MTS, and since you need parts of that set (well, one part, the vampire bed) for this object to work in game, I won’t upload it here – it’s the easiest for everybody that way.

So what are you waiting for? Get over to MTS right now! 😀

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled simming for this announcement

(Picture by Fanseelamb)

You need to get yourselves over to ModTheSims right now and download this absolutely brilliant set! 😀 Seriously. Run, don’t walk!

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“Holonovel”: Catharsis


Reconciliation. Forgiveness. Catharsis.

Stories in this arc:

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“Holonovel”: Requested and Required

Looking back on the road you’ve walked as you prepare to take the next step.

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“Holonovel”: Deliverance

Even demons of the past can be cast out.

Stories in this arc:

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