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CEP Extra for the BG Cheap Alarm Clock

CEP-Extra for the BG Cheap Alarm Clock
(Yes, I know that’s not how you spell “extraordinary.” It’s a pun.)

And things like this would be why I said I’m “sort of” on hiatus. 😛

Over at MTS, the great Michelle made some wonderful LACK recols of the base-game “Get Up!” alarm clock. Well, sort of. This clock turned out not to be recolourable, so Michelle had to make a brand new, CC one in order to be able to recolour it. I loved her recols, of course, but I thought it was a real pity she had to go through all that trouble, and that someone really ought to make that poor, neglected alarm clock a CEP extra for future use. Then I thought that “someone” might as well be me. 😉

So, here is a CEP-extra for the base-game cheap alarm clock. Now it’s recolourable, and it also has two subsets instead of just the one.

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Guest Upload! Werkbunnst Tek Chair Recolours by Michelle

Another guest upload! 😀

Michelle @ has made no less than 29 recolours of the Werkbunnst Tek chair from Apartment Life, that match my Anna recolours of the IKEA lamp LAMPAN.

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Lampor! 30 “LAMPAN” Recolours

HugeLunatic at Sims2Artists has released a CEP file that gives this lamp two recolourable subsets, which means that the shade and the base (frame) can be recoloured separately. Go get it! 🙂

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IDIC Mosaics

The final item in my SimTrek Vulcan anniversary set. It is a recolour of “Two Dogs and an Olive”, so Nightlife is required.

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