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Autumn Cardigans

Posted by NixNivis on 18 Sep 2021

These have been sitting in my WIP folder for quite some time. I’ve been dithering about uploading them since I know this top has been recoloured to death already – but then I thought, bugrit. I like how these turned out, and it’s my blog, so there! 😛 If you don’t like them, well, then you don’t have to download. It’s as simple as that.

So, here you have the BG sweater set in Aelia’s Autumn. It’s not just one of my favourite palettes, it’s also a very fitting one in my northern corner of the world. 🙂

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WSOs for Consort’s Heavy Male

Posted by NixNivis on 19 Jul 2021

By popular demand – well, one request, but that’s popular enough for me 😉 – here are the WSOs I’ve made for Consort’s heavy male.

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Sleepwear for Momma Lisa

Posted by NixNivis on 6 Jun 2021

(For real this time. 😛 )

No, I don’t usually convert things for Momma Lisa, but this sort of just happened. 🙂

Backstory: I’ve actually been playing the game lately, not just making things for it, and I felt my (modern, MM) ‘hood was in dire need of some nice Momma Lisas because enough with the Maxis stick figures already. So I went to Moni Lisa Sims and downloaded just about everything. (If you play with bodyshapes and haven’t visited her Tumblr already, you need to do so right now – she’s got lots of great clothing for Momma Lisa, and also some for Melodie9’s Fat Male.) But then, when I was in Bodyshop to play with all my pretty new ML clothes, I came across this 3t2 nightshirt by Rented-Space, that I’d thought would look great on the Momma Lisa bodyshape… so I converted it. Then I thought I’d really like the Maxis BG slip for ML as well, only I was too lazy to go searching for it (even though I’m sure someone must have converted it already)… so I converted that one, too, and made some recols as well since I’d picked up steam.

So I give you Rented-Space’s 3t2 Luxe Nighty Nightshirt and the BG afBodySlip converted for Momma Lisa. Right now, they’re both for YAEF (though I might convert them for teens later).

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Project Heavy: Aligeth’s Robin Hood Tunic for Consort’s Heavy Male

Posted by NixNivis on 13 Apr 2021

Before we start, I must apologise for being so bad at answering comments. I love getting comments and I read and appreciate each and every one, never ever think that I don’t. But I haven’t had the best spoon supply lately, and intelligible (or at least somewhat coherent) communication… some days, it takes a lot of spoons. And I just haven’t had those spoons to spare. Very sorry about that. 😦 But things are looking better now, and I’ll try to catch up post-haste!

But you’re not here to hear me whine about spoons, you’re here for Sim stuff. So let’s do Sim stuff! My last post was something of a teaser. Now I’m not teasing any more. 😉 Consider this the first official post for “Project Heavy”!

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Project Heavy: VK’s TSM:PaN Admiral for Consort’s Heavy Male

Posted by NixNivis on 22 Feb 2021

Originally I wasn’t going to upload this already, but then the wonderful Norica @ PBK was super fast in adding this bodyshape to the mfBSOK (thank you, Norica!) and that made me itching to show it off. 😉 Consider it a teaser for my Big Bodyshop Project of 2021.

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Pottery Table for Kids

Posted by NixNivis on 23 May 2015

Pottery Table for Kids

Category: Hobbies -> Misc.
EPs Required: Open for Business + Free Time
Cost: $750
Poly Count: Low poly (700)

You know the Yeti I told you about before? The one who wanted an outhouse for their blind date? Well, before they decided that an outhouse was the most romantic way to go, Yeti and I brainstormed a bit about what might be a good thing to bring to their date. One of the things that were on the table, was something that would let children gain pottery skills. At first, I tried to add pottery skilling to a custom object, but after failing spectacularly a number of times, I decided it would be easier just to clone the pottery wheel and make it so that kids could use it. (Yes, I thought it would be easier to do it that way. That’s how spectacularly I failed. 😛 ) So, I did. But then the nice Yeti thought it wouldn’t be fair to keep it just for their blind date, they thought I ought to post it on my site instead. So, I am. :mrgreen:

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Signet Rings for Hat

Posted by NixNivis on 1 Feb 2014

Rings for Hat

Seeing the signet rings I made a little while back, that lords wear on the little finger and ladies on the middle finger, Almighty Hat wished for index finger rings, and/or for little finger rings “for ladies who handle their own correspondence.” Hat is somebody I totally fangirl (srsly, she’s solely responsible for about 2/3 if not more of the CC in my medieval game), so of course I had to comply with her wish.

So. Hat (and everybody else) – have some signet rings, v. 2.0. :mrgreen:

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Accessory Signet Rings (v. 1.0)

Posted by NixNivis on 18 Jan 2014

Signet Rings

You can find v. 2.0 of these rings here.

This is one of those “I don’t know if anybody else will want this, but I’ll upload it anyway” things.

In this medievalish story I’m writing, one of my male characters takes off his signet ring and gives it to a certain lady character (in lieu of another kind of ring 😉 ). I was in the middle of taking screenshots when I realised that none of the rings I already had in my game looked anything like I wanted – so I made some that did look like I wanted.

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Swords for Morgaine

Posted by NixNivis on 8 Nov 2013

Swords for Morgaine

Update 27 July, 2016: In case your Sims don’t like to run around all day with their swords unsheathed (I mean, you can poke somebody’s eye out like that. Or your own), ocelotekatl @ Blue Heaven Sims has made great completer set with scabbards for these! :mrgreen:

When she saw my posebox with accessory swords, Morgaine – the brilliant author of The Chronicles of Albion – wondered if it would be possible to turn the swords into the kind of accessories your Sims put on in a mirror, so you could use them with other poseboxes and animation boxes as well. Since Albion is one of my favouritest (that is too a word!) Sim stories ever, of course I accepted the challenge. 😀

The swords have all been extracted from TSM, so much as I’d like to I can’t take any credit for the meshes or textures.

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Vulcan Hair for Ladies of All Ages

Posted by NixNivis on 14 Mar 2013

Vulcan Hair for Ladies

Today I bring you hair for your Vulcan ladies, binned and familied for all ages.

This mesh hasn’t been posted on my blog before, but it’s been previously released at SimTrek. Compared to the SimTrek version, though, this one has been thoroughly updated:

  • the mesh is now animated for all ages, not just for AF/EF
  • it fits more closely around the ears so that it looks better on Sims who don’t have pointy ears
  • for all ages, it blends more smoothly with the neck
  • AF/EF no longer has a gap at the neck
  • all UV maps have been slightly edited, but not so much as to break existing recolours
  • and finally, it’s got brand new Pooklet textures! 😀

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Vulcan Ears for All Ages

Posted by NixNivis on 6 Feb 2013

Vulcan Ears for All Ages!

Over at SimTrek (forum is gone now), Dominie wanted ears for her Vulcans – proper Vulcan ears, thank you very much, that angle forward like Spock’s. My Vulcan Sims and I thought this sounded logical, so I took her up on it. 🙂

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Rank Insignia – New and Improved!

Posted by NixNivis on 30 Dec 2012


During 2013, I plan on updating all my old body and accessory meshes. But I’m going to jump the gun a little and start with my Starfleet rank insignia already – they really needed help.

I haven’t just updated the meshes, though. I’ve updated… well, everything. 🙂


  • all meshes have been updated; they now have a better shape and look crisper
  • all UV maps have been updated so that they actually make sense
  • all textures have been updated, following the new UV maps
  • the admiral’s rank insignia for TNG/VGR now have their own meshes and recols
  • the TNG/VGR shoulder rank insignia have new bone assignments; they now move properly with the shoulder and won’t clip as badly into the Sim’s body
  • and last but not least, all rank insignia now have custom thumbnails in CAS and in game, so you’ll no longer have to squint at a nondescript head to try to figure out how many pips it’s wearing

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Warm, Comfy Slippers

Posted by NixNivis on 5 Nov 2012

For us in the northern hemisphere (and especially here in the northern northern hemisphere), the days are getting shorter and the weather colder. Me, I always wear warm slippers at this time of year, since I really don’t like it when my feet are cold – so I thought my Sims should have something to keep their feet warm as well.

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Long Nightgown with Slippers

Posted by NixNivis on 18 May 2012

Ages: YA/adult, female only
Categories: Sleepwear, underwear
Bump Mapped: Yes
Morphs: Fat morph, AF preg morph

So, a certain Sim of mine needed a nightgown. Nothing fancy and certainly nothing with frills or bows or lace; just a simple, full-length nightgown with slippers (’cause she’s on a starbase and it’s very cold… in space). So I made her one.

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AL Landlord Trousers as Untuckable Separates

Posted by NixNivis on 29 Jan 2012

Tops by CatOfEvilGenius and slkn @ ModTheSims

Don’t look at me like that; I can too make clothes that aren’t sci-fi related. 😉

I’ve always liked the trousers on the female landlord in Apartment Life, but I couldn’t find them as separates anywhere. (I think I know why – the UV map wasn’t very separation-friendly.) So I separated them and turned them into untuckable bottoms for AF and EF.

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