Hi there! I’m NixNivis, and this is my blog with my creations for The Sims 2.* I do NOT make things for The Sims 3 or The Sims 4; I don’t have either, I’m not interested in them and I’m not going to get them. Period.

I started creating for The Sims 2 in 2007. I love Star Trek and had been searching for quite some time for some decent Starfleet uniforms, but I hadn’t been able to find any I liked… so I decided to learn how to make them myself. The rest, as they say, is history. 😎 I’ve branched off these days, but I still make Star Trek items every now and then, mostly when I need something for my “holonovels” (i.e., Star Trek-base Sim stories).

The blog name is a play on words on my screen name NixNivis – Nix, for short. Sims made by Nix are… Nixed Sims, of course! Yes, it’s perfectly all right to groan at this point. 🙄

For the record, I’m a cis woman, so my pronouns are she/her (even though they/them work in a crunch).

Happy Simming! :mrgreen:
* Since it has come up in comments, I want to stress that The Sims 2 is not the same game as Sims Stories, even though they look similar. I have no idea whether or not my items work for the Stories games, so it’s best to assume they don’t. Should you decided to check for yourself, you do so at your own risk.