Secret Scuba Gifts, Part I: Birthday Cakes

At, there was recently a Secret Scuba event – you know, like Secret Santa, except you were scuba and scubee instead of santa and santee. We’re all fish of the same pond after all. 🙂 I’ve just posted the first part of my gift for my scubee over there: birthday cakes!

Birthday Cakes for Jo

They’re a Leefish exclusive, though, so go there and get them!


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  1. 1

    nonni222 said,

    Got them, so lucious! :o)

    • 2

      NixNivis said,

      Glad you like ’em! 😀 I’m not a big cake fan IRL, or at least not a fan of the whipped-cream-with-sugary-goo kind of cake, so I thought it would be nice to have some birthday cake options that were not actual cakes.

  2. 3

    pollen said,

    Hi NixNivis I was wondering if you could please if it’s possible to make a cake for, use at a baby shower just something with It’s a girl or It’s a boy or surprise twins with any kind of cute baby deco if possiblewith like pastel colors. Thank you in advance.

    • 4

      NixNivis said,

      I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to decline. Custom cakes aren’t really my thing (despite what would seem to be evidence to the contrary – these are all in-game pastries, I’ve just birthday-cake-ified them), and it also isn’t anything I’d use in my own game since we don’t do babyshowers where I’m from. Sorry. 😦

      I did some googling, though, and I found a set with baby shower things (including some cakes) here. It isn't quite what you were asking for, but maybe there's something you can use anyway?

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