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Three Modern TSM Dressers

Posted by NixNivis on 27 March 2014

I Just Work Here

Category: Misc. -> Dressers
EPs Required: Open for Business or above
Poly Count: Low poly

“Modern TSM dressers?” I hear you say. “Nix u drunk?” I’m as sober as a judge, I assure you – but I’m not sure about the good folks at EA.

You see, when I was converting the dressers before, I found something strange. Mixed in with the medieval ones were four decidedly modern dressers, with decidedly modern clothes in their drawers. One of them looked exactly like the Werkbunnst Medium Stonewood Dresser dresser from AL; the other three, I didn’t recognise, not from TS2, anyway. I did recognise that they definitely didn’t belong in a medieval game, though – and apparently EA did, too, because they’re nowhere to be found in the TSM catalogue. Yeah. Don’t ask me, I just work here. 😕

There was nothing wrong with them, though, the meshes and textures were good and had even been prepped for animation… so I thought “why not?” and converted them along with the others. 🙂 (Three of them, anyway; I skipped the one that looked exactly like the AL Werkbunnst Medium dresser, since it looked exactly like the AL Werkbunnst Medium dresser.)

Just like their medieval friends, these dressers have five slots each – and they are of course animated as well. They are also low in poly, with a maximum of 415 polys/tile.

Since I had no TSM catalogue description to work with, and have no imagination whatsoever, I’ve simply given these dressers their TSM file names.

The first one is the Mission Dresser for $425.

Mission Dresser
Yelena has had some time off while I’ve been doing medieval stuff, so she’s happy to be back to show us some dressers.

You know the drill by now, all three dressers come in Pooklet’s naturals + Time Bomb. For this one, I also couldn’t decide whether I wanted the handles to be silver or gold, so you get one of each. Otherwise, the recols look as follows:

Then we have the Medium Luxury Dresser for $525…

Medium Luxury Dresser
This Primer fellow disappeared against a lighter background, so I let Yelena pick a different one.
What can I say, she likes green.

…and finally the Modern Dresser (also seen in the title pic) for $550.

Modern Dresser

Click for larger image




8 Responses to “Three Modern TSM Dressers”

  1. nonni222 said

    What a serendipitous discovery!! How delightful. ” Mixed in with the medieval ones were four decidedly modern dressers, with decidedly modern clothes in their drawers.” Thank you for spotting this and then making the conversion for us. Great Work, Johanna!

    • NixNivis said

      Thank you! ❤ Funny thing is, I didn't notice anything strange when I was extracting these, I just looked for files with "dresser" in the file name and didn't dwell on what they were called in addition to that (besides, the TSM file names are usually rather terse and have little to do with what the object is called in game, so something like "dresserMediumLuxury" isn't an odd name in any way). It wasn't until I was importing the meshes into Milkshape that I noticed that some of them didn't quite look quite as medieval as you would expect.

      Yes, serendipitous indeed. 🙂 I've seen some half-finished things in the TSM game files before, that definitely aren't medieval (like remote controls and bicycles – I kid thee not), that I'm guessing the creators used as a base for something and then didn't bother clearing out, so if it had just been one dresser, I wouldn't have thought it all that strange… but four of them? With proper textures and proper joints and bone assignments and everything? Not what I expected to find. But I’m not complaining – more nice dressers to convert. 😉

  2. Very, very snazzy. Thanks, Nix.

  3. Bandit Territory said

    Hi, these are very nice! All three of them are from the Sims 3 though, I recognize them. No idea why they were in medieval.

    • NixNivis said

      Thanks. Funny, but you’re the first one who’ve said you recognise them from TS3. I suspected that might be where they’re from, but since I don’t have TS3 and don’t play it, I couldn’t confirm it.

      My guess is that the devs used them as a template for the TSM dressers, and then simply didn’t bother to delete them from the game files (since they aren’t in the catalogue, nobody can get to them anyway… right? 😛 ). It wouldn’t be the first time. 🙂

  4. They’re definitely TS3.. theres a brief catalogue of items posted here: (doesn’t include all eps/sps). They look so shiny in TS2.. i wish TS3 had this kind of quality. ❤ And it definitely seems like EA used these as a base 😀

    • NixNivis said

      Thanks for telling me. 🙂 Glad you like how they turned out! I wonder why EA thought the needed so many. I mean, I can understand using a TS3 dresser as a base, that sort of makes sense, but four of them? Not that I’m complaining, mind; this way, I can have TS3 stuff for my game without actually having TS3. 😉

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