Guest Upload! StephSim’s Sci-Fi Wall and Floor Sets, Part 1: 462 Babylon 5 Textures

Click to View a Slideshow of Babylon 5 General Texture Samples

The wonderful StephSim, whose walls and floors are frequently featured in my “holonovels”, has made an amazing set of Babylon 5 walls and floors- 462 textures in total! And better yet – she has allowed me to host them. 😀 All images and links, as well as the slideshow above, are courtesy of Steph.

  • Wall Textures can be found in Poured or Panelling Sections for 8 or 10 Simoleons, depending on the texture.
  • Each sector has 2 Floors: 1 Carpet and the other Tile. B5 Carpets are in the Carpets Section for 8 Simoleons and B5 Tile Floors are in the Tile Section for 10 Simoleons.
Floor Colour Samples
Blue Section Walls – Type 1
Blue Section Walls – Type 2

If you haven’t done so already, then click here to view a slideshow of samples of all the Babylon 5 walls!







Of course, with this large a set, you need collection files. 🙂 Note that these files go in your Collections folder, and not in your Downloads folder!


Finally, I’ll call upon Steph to speak:


Babylon 5 Small Specialty Sets
These will include a few Special sets for select areas in each sector in moderate to small sets. For example, the Blue Sector will include Medlabs and Infirmary Walls (for all Sectors), CNC Textures, Council Chambers Textures, Observation Domes Textures, Personnel Sleeping, etc. A few small sets will also exist for the Red (Zocalo, Dark Star, Security, etc.) and Green Sectors (Ambassador Suites) as well. There will also be a few generalized speciality walls for the remaining sectors.”

Thank you, Steph! 😀


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  1. 1

    These are AWESOME! A very beautiful set, and much needed for my story. Huge respect to Steph for her incredible skill.

  2. 3

    leefish said,

    Wow – monster set, thanks to both of you. Steph for making them and Nix for giving them a home.

    • 4

      NixNivis said,

      Yep, this set eats other sets for breakfast. 😉 I don’t know how Steph does it, I’d never, ever have the patience (or skill) to make something like this. I’m so glad Steph let them live here! 😀

  3. 5

    stephanie said,

    Thanks everyone!

    J…I keep thinking of the naked B5 Station and am really excited about some of the other sets that are to come. My favourite thus far are the Council Chambers and the Med Lab textures. As soon as I am in “Creation” mode again, I will share them 2 sets at a time as I finalize them.

    Lee Do enjoy the textures. Yes…Another Monster set…but long overdue. 🙂

    Nix Thank you for hosting these textures. It is nice to share them and keep them all together in one place. I shall get around to sharing them on our favourite Sci-Fi sites eventually. But, as you and Jason were the inspiration for them, I figure your site is the perfect home for them. So…enjoy them!

  4. 6

    And all of this is good to find now, too. I’ve been looking for Babylon 5 sims love in all the wrong places, it seems. WEll, at least I found something now.

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