Lighten Up! A Brighter Computer Screen Mod

By changing a setting in their TXMTs, this simple mod makes the screens for all original computer interactions, like sending e-mail or finding a job, just as bright as the ones that came with Free Time, like blogging or writing a novel:

This works for:
All in-game computers, plus any default replacement computer screens (as long as they only change the texture and not the TXMT – in that case, their TXMT might override this mod).
This might NOT work for:
Custom computers. I’ve tested the mod on several different custom computers, and while it worked for the vast majority of them, I did come across a couple (both by the same creator) that it didn’t work for. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that this mod will work for all custom computers.

The mod is basegame compatible – you do not need any expansion packs to use it (even though it of course works with EPs as well).




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