Tutorial: How to edit a Sims 2 custom career or major for all languages

If you have downloaded a custom career or major that’s written in a language other than your game language, you might have had something strange happen when you try to play the career: Instead of custom descriptions and chance cards, you get the descriptions and chance cards of one of the base game careers, like Athletics. This doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with the career/major, but it does mean that it doesn’t have any text in your language.

Using SimPE, there’s an easy way to make all languages use the same descriptions and chance cards. This tutorial will explain how.

To use this tutorial, you need to:

  • have SimPE installed on your computer. You don’t have to be particularly familiar with it, but you do need to have it installed;
  • be computer literate enough to know how to open and save files.

If you meet these requirements, read on. 🙂

0. Open the career/major in SimPE.

1. In the Resource Tree (to the left), click on “Text Lists”.

2. In the Resource List (to the right), click on the first Text Lists item. Now a long list will appear in the Plugin View below it. (If you don’t have the Plugin View open, click on its tab.)

3. In the Plugin View, click on the Default lang only button, to the left of the text list.

4. “Default lang only” should now get greyed out. Click on Commit File, to the right and above the text list.

5. Save. And you’re done! 😀 Now the game will use the default language for the descriptions and chance cards of all languages, instead of falling back on the translated ditto from the career/major your custom item has been cloned from.



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