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Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager Dress Uniforms and Rank Insignia

Posted by NixNivis on 10 December 2010

Dress Uniforms

Ages: YA/adult, elder
Categories: Formal only
Bump Map: Yes
Body Morphs: Fat morph, AF preg morph

  • TNG duty uniforms can be found here.
  • VOY duty uniforms can be found here.

Note: The only difference between the TNG and the VOY uniforms is the shape of the communicator.

AF front
AM front
Rank Insignia
Shoulder Rank Insignia

Note: These rank insignia are set to appear with formal clothes only, so unlike my other rank insignia, they can and should be be worn together with my TNG/VGR rank insignia; then the Sim’s rank insignia will change automatically when their change their clothes. Nifty, eh? 😀



4 Responses to “Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager Dress Uniforms and Rank Insignia”

  1. Hola NixNivis. Wawa here! Could I beg …. on my knees …. for a wee favour …. pretty please …. sugar on top? Could you make a teen version? If you check out the Smithy you’ll know why.

    • NixNivis said

      Hi, Wawa! On your knees and with sugar on top? How could I possibly say no to that?! 😀 Just give me a few days, and I’ll get back to you.

      Love your Franz Joseph uniforms! Didn’t know this old mesh could look that good. 🙂

      • Has anyone told you lately they are Loving YOU!! No? Well, I’m loving you then Honey! I shall await the good word then.

        • NixNivis said

          LOL! Actually, no, not in a Sims context anyway. 😀 Glad I could make you happy!

          Heh, it’s been so long since I made these, I actually had to download one of the files to see what I had called the mesh. 😛 Now that I know, I’ll get right on it.

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