Non-rocking Rocking Chair (Pets and No Pets Versions)

Let sleeping dogs lie...

Category: Chairs -> Living
Cost: $300
Poly Count: High poly!
EPs Required:

  • No PETS variation: None – base game compatible
  • PETS variation: Pets (obviously 😉 )

First of all: This chair does not rock! It sits still, just like your normal living chair. It’s nice and comfy, though, for your furry companions as well as your runaway starship captains. 😉

Rocking chair - mesh
Wood colours

Now, this chair has two variations: A PETS one and a no PETS one.

  • If you have the Pets EP, you download the PETS variation.
  • If you don’t have Pets, you get the no PETS variation – even if you have every single other EP and SP installed!

If you don’t have the Pets EP and still get the PETS variation, then your game will crash and you’ll blame me for it. 😛 So only get the PETS one if you actually have Pets installed!!



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