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Pottery Table for Kids

Pottery Table for Kids

Category: Hobbies -> Misc.
EPs Required: Open for Business + Free Time
Cost: $750
Poly Count: Low poly (700)

You know the Yeti I told you about before? The one who wanted an outhouse for their blind date? Well, before they decided that an outhouse was the most romantic way to go, Yeti and I brainstormed a bit about what might be a good thing to bring to their date. One of the things that were on the table, was something that would let children gain pottery skills. At first, I tried to add pottery skilling to a custom object, but after failing spectacularly a number of times, I decided it would be easier just to clone the pottery wheel and make it so that kids could use it. (Yes, I thought it would be easier to do it that way. That’s how spectacularly I failed. :P ) So, I did. But then the nice Yeti thought it wouldn’t be fair to keep it just for their blind date, they thought I ought to post it on my site instead. So, I am. :mrgreen:

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Two Invisible Floor Lamps

Two Invisible Floor Lamps

Category: Lighting -> Floor Lamps
Cost: $5
Poly Count: Low poly
EPs Required: None – base game compatible

I know, there are invisible lamps out there already (some of them made by me). There are ceiling lamps and wall lamps, and that’s great… but sometimes, you get the best lighting for your picture from a floor lamp. Problem is, when you’re setting up your photo shoot and finally have your Sims where you want them and the light where you want it and the camera where you want it, very often that floor lamp will be in your face (or at least taking up a significant part of the screen).

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like lamps in my face. :P So, I’ve made two invisible floor lamps to help with this.

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Tube for Tots

Tube for Tots

Category: Electronics -> TVs & Computers
Cost: $250 (large); $235 (small)
Poly Count: Low poly (856)
EPs Required: None – base game compatible

At Affinity Sims, KittenOnACloud made a request for a TV that her Sim toddlers could watch. Me, I thought this sounded like a great idea – so I made her a Tube for Tots. :mrgreen:

Bonus: If you want your little ones to have their very own TV channel to watch, Kitten has created the Tiny Tots TV Channel just for them, here.

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Help Hayley!

(I do apologise for doing this again, but this is very, very important.)

Some of you might know Hayley, a.k.a. loobysims. She is a fellow Simmer, and she desperately needs our help.


Hayley suffers from a condition called Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD). She can have up to 30 seizures a day, and her doctors haven’t been able to find what’s causing them, or a treatment.

From Hayley’s GoFundMe page:

The seizures have caused me to have a very bad speech impediment, loss of memory and I also go blind for a time after every seizure. About 3 years ago I started to suffer a new side effect of the seizures which meant I could not walk, since then my leg muscles have deteriorated so much that I have little or no muscle mass left meaning that I am completely reliable on my current wheelchair and have not stood on my own two feet for this time.

The wheelchair I am using was given to me by an elderly family member when I first started needing to use one but this is on its last legs (no pun intended). It is also not the correct size for me so it causes a lot of additional pain (my normal pain level is excruciating). It is also a manual wheelchair which I cannot propel myself so I am looking at getting an electric powered wheelchair which would be built specifically to my measurements with all the necessary adaptations and accessories I need which will give me some of my independence back which is something that is greatly important to me as I have virtually none left.

I also need a fold up ramp which will enable me to get in and out of my house with ease and also allow me to visit family and friends houses without feeling embarrassed at being carried or lifted by them.”

The UK’s National Health Service won’t provide Hayley with a wheelchair; their wheelchair scheme is no longer running in her area due to people abusing it. In order to get the wheelchair that would allow her to regain some of her independence and not have to suffer so much pain, Hayley will have to pay for it herself.

Hayley has exhausted all avenues available to her. Now, as a last resort, she is asking us in the Sims community for any contributions we can make to help her get the wheelchair she so desperately needs. Every little helps – and if you can’t help by donating money, anything you can do to help spread the word. The more people hear about Hayley’s struggle, the greater the chance she’ll be able to reach her goal and finally get her wheelchair.

You can find more information and donate on Hayley’s GoFundMe page.
You can also donate through PayPal.

Come on, Simmers! Let’s help Hayley get her wheelchair!

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All-in-One Outhouse

Blind Date All-in-One Outhouse

Category: Plumbing -> Toilets
Cost: $50
Poly Count: Low poly
EPs Required: None – base-game compatible

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Outhouses smell like sh!t
But you won’t, ’cause
You’ll be squeaky clean after using this one

(All right, so I might need to work some on my poetry skills. :P )

So, a Yeti was going on a blind date. Now, this Yeti wanted to give their date a romantic gift for the occasion, something they knew said date would appreciate and cherish forever. Obviously, they wanted to give them… an outhouse. But not just any old outhouse! No, Yeti wanted it to be something like Veranka’s all-in-one bathroom, that raises Sims’ hygiene as well as their bladder. They asked me if I’d like to collaborate with them in making it, and since I really like Yetis (especially this one), I said yes. :)

The result was the “Smells Like Roses” Outhouse.

Update, 28 April 2015: As requested by godlimpingby, there is now a variation that doesn’t raise hygiene. See the end of the post for more info.

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Exercise Mat for (Almost) All Ages

Exercise mat for Sims of (almost) all ages

Category: Hobbies -> Exercise
Cost: $75
Poly Count: Low poly
EPs Required: Base-game compatible unless you have the Kitchen & Bath SP; then Free Time is required

Over at LeeFish, we usually have a themed challenge each month; it can be something specific, like decorating a certain house, or something more general, like winter. For January, it was suggested that the theme should be Fitness, since January is the month of New Year’s resolutions, and exercising more/getting fitter/losing weight are popular ones. So, in line with this, I’ve made an exercise mat that Sims aged child to elder can use to gain body skill and get fitter – and if you have Free Time, they’ll gain Fitness enthusiasm as well. And it’s not just for present-day Sims, either; medieval (and other) Sims can use it, too, it has recols for that. ;) (And yes, I know there are other exercise mats out there already, but I wanted one with my own little quirks, so.)

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TSM Book Stacks as Bookcases

TSM Book Stacks as Bookcases

Category: Hobbies -> Knowledge
Poly Count: Low poly ( < 700)
EPs Required: Base-game compatible (provided that you get the base-game variation)

Not all of my medieval Sims are into bookcases. Some might like to keep a pile of books on their desks, to have them readily at hand when they write letters. Others might be wizards or philosophers, who have so many books, they just don’t have shelf-space for them all. Others again might have spent their very last Simoleon on that precious, precious book, and can’t afford a bookcase as well. And still others might be the kind of Sims who think the floor is a perfectly acceptable place to put their books, clothes, food…

So, to meet their varying needs, I took the decorative book stacks from TSM (except for one that didn’t want to play) and turned them into functional bookcases: three larger ones that go on the floor only, and two smaller ones that can be placed either on the floor or on tables (or other surfaces).

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