TSM Stereo in LACK Colours

TSM Stereo in LACK Colours

Category: Electronics -> Audio
Cost: $750
EPs Required: University or above
Poly Count: Low poly

So, there I was, minding my own business, scrolling through the TSM game files looking for… something I can’t quite remember, but anyway. There I was, happily scrolling through the files – and then I did a double-take, going “was that file called stereo?” Scrolled back up, and sure enough, there was a mesh called “stereoModern”, complete with textures. :o Now, I’m reasonably sure they didn’t have stereos in medieval times, so my guess is that this was an object from another game (TS3, perhaps?) that EA was using as a template for something and then as per EA usual didn’t bother to take out. But I liked the way it looked, and like I said it had textures and everything… so I went ahead and converted it anyway. Converted, mind, not just recoloured. :P

It requires at least one EP, but it doesn’t matter which one – anything between UNI and AL goes.

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Hunk Smith the Sim

Hunk Smith

A simple sailor blacksmith, lowly born, unlettered and unknown, who toils for bread from early morn till half the night has flown…

So, the hunky blacksmith model (cleverly named Hunk Smith) I used for the blacksmith’s anvil I uploaded recently turned out to be almost as popular as the anvil itself. :mrgreen: I hadn’t planned on uploading him originally, but several people requested him. Far be it from me to deprive anyone’s game of a good smith :P – so here he is for download.

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Secret Scuba Gifts, Part II: Blacksmith’s Anvil + DR Bots

It's Hammer Time!

Category: Hobbies -> Misc.
EPs Required: Open for Business + Free Time
Cost: $1100
Poly Count: Low poly

At leefish.nl, there was recently a Secret Scuba event – you know, like Secret Santa, except you were scuba and scubee instead of santa and santee. We’re all fish of the same pond after all. :) This is the second – and final – part of my gifts; the first one can be found here.

One of the things my scubee Jo wished for was a blacksmith’s crafting station for her medieval game, which made me squee with delight because I am ever so slightly insane. So I promptly extracted the blacksmith’s anvil from TSM, tweaked the textures a bit to make them look more TS2-y, and turned it into a crafting station anvil where your medieval smiths can make… robots? O_o Yeah, that didn’t make much sense to me, either – so I threw in some period-appropriate default replacements for the bots as well. The anvil is not a default replacement, though, it’s a stand-alone object.

Since my scubee had all EPs installed and this was made for her, the anvil requires OFB and FT. I might make an OFB-only version later, but for now, you need both.

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Secret Scuba Gifts, Part I: Birthday Cakes

At leefish.nl, there was recently a Secret Scuba event – you know, like Secret Santa, except you were scuba and scubee instead of santa and santee. We’re all fish of the same pond after all. :) I’ve just posted the first part of my gift for my scubee over there: birthday cakes!

Birthday Cakes for Jo

They’re a Leefish exclusive, though, so go there and get them!

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Animated TSM Orrery

Animated TSM Orrery

Category: Decorative -> Sculpture
EPs Required: None – base-game compatible
Cost: $2000
Poly Count: Low poly (>2300 polys, but on 5x5x2 tiles)

So. The TSM orrery. You know, that huge thingamajig that sits high, high in the ceiling of the wizard’s tower and rotates in fifteen different directions at the same time. That orrery. I’ve been looking at it askance for some time now, wondering if I were brave enough to attempt to animating. Yes, it would require a bazillion joints, but it’s just going ’round and ’round, right? And if there’s one thing I’m good at animating, it’s things that go ’round and ’round… so I did. Like so:

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Five TSM Music Boxes as Animated Stereos

Five TSM Music Boxes as Animated Stereos
Walls and floors by Lama at The Medieval Smithy

Category: Electronics -> Audio
EPs Required: None – base-game compatible
Poly Count: Low poly (848 – 912)

I love the TSM music boxes, I think they’re adorable, and so I really wanted to convert them and make them functional (read that: turn them into stereos. ‘Cause I cheat like that in my medievalish ‘hoods). Problem was, I knew for a fact this was something that had been done before, and I don’t like to repeat what somebody else has already done if I can help it. So, like Ol’ Blue Eyes I did it my way, and turned them into stereos… with custom animations. :D

When the music box is turned on (do you turn on a music box?), the lid opens, and the figurine appears and starts rotating. It will obligingly keep on doing so until you turn the music box off; then the figurine disappears again and the lid closes. But you don’t have to take my word for it – see for yourself:

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Three Modern TSM Dressers

I Just Work Here

Category: Misc. -> Dressers
EPs Required: Open for Business or above
Poly Count: Low poly

“Modern TSM dressers?” I hear you say. “Nix u drunk?” I’m as sober as a judge, I assure you – but I’m not sure about the good folks at EA.

You see, when I was converting the dressers before, I found something strange. Mixed in with the medieval ones were four decidedly modern dressers, with decidedly modern clothes in their drawers. One of them looked exactly like the Werkbunnst Medium Stonewood Dresser dresser from AL; the other three, I didn’t recognise, not from TS2, anyway. I did recognise that they definitely didn’t belong in a medieval game, though – and apparently EA did, too, because they’re nowhere to be found in the TSM catalogue. Yeah. Don’t ask me, I just work here. :?

There was nothing wrong with them, though, the meshes and textures were good and had even been prepped for animation… so I thought “why not?” and converted them along with the others. :) (Three of them, anyway; I skipped the one that looked exactly like the AL Werkbunnst Medium dresser, since it looked exactly like the AL Werkbunnst Medium dresser.)

Just like their medieval friends, these dressers have five slots each – and they are of course animated as well. They are also low in poly, with a maximum of 415 polys/tile.

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