PSA: Hiatus

I have some RL business I need to attend to, and it’s going to have to take precedence over simming for a while. (I know, if I think Real Life is more important, I’m obviously not a real simmer. :P ) So until mid-November, updates will be sparse.

This does NOT mean that I’ve stopped creating or have left the community or anything silly like that. I will be back. But this is something I have to do for the sake of my health, and I hope you can understand and respect this.


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Hat (and Cat) Needs Help!

I don’t usually do this, but this is important.

I’m sure most if not all of you know Almighty Hat. The medieval simmers among you especially probably have an entire folder dedicated to her creations, because she’s just that awesome.

Well, Hat is owned by a cat, Harley, and Harley has had some serious medical issues. So far, the vet bills are up to seven thousand dollars, that Hat and her family can hardly afford – and they’re very likely to increase since Harley still needs more treatment.

So Hat is asking for donations to help with those vet bills. Every little helps! (Well-wishes and good thoughts help, too, but in Hat’s words, while they are very much appreciated “purchases and donations are appreciated MORE, but only because vets need money, not grateful tears.”) And if you can’t donate, if you can spread the word at any forums and blogs you’re on, it helps as well.

You’ll find Hat’s Dreamwidth post with more information here.

Come on, simmers! Let’s help Hat and Harley out!

Pictures of Harley by Almighty Hat – click for larger versions
Harley Harley

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Two TSM Teddy Bears

Two TSM Teddy Bears

Category: Misc. -> Children
Poly Count: Medium poly ( <1200)
EPs Required: None – base-game compatible

I know at least one of these has been done before, but it’s Toddler Month and my medieval tots wanted some teddy bears to hug, and I just couldn’t say no to them. So I’ve converted the peasant teddy from the TSM base game and the pirate teddy from Pirates & Nobles. :) (Yes, in the base game there’s a knight teddy as well, but that teddy was evil. Evil, I tell you!) Their poly count comes in at just under 1200 polys, but that’s actually some 400 polys fewer than the TS2 base-game teddy, so it’s not high in any way.

Many thanks to BloomsBase for his tutorial on how to transfer TS2 bone assignments to a TS3/TSM mesh, which saved my sanity, not to mention the bone assignments’.

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TSM Rocking Horse

TSM Rocking Horse

Category: Misc. -> Children
Cost: $75
Poly Count: Low poly
EPs Required: Apartment Life

In TSM, you have this charming little rocking horse – but even though it’s in the children’s category it’s purely decorative, so all your little Sims can do with it is to look at it. Now, this might be fun for scholarly Sims, but not so much for everybody else. So, in appreciation of Toddler Month, I converted it – and made it functional. :D Now your littlest Sims can use this rocking horse as it’s supposed to be used – and they won’t just have fun while doing it, they’ll build body skill as well!

This rocking horse requires AL. I tried to see if I could dumb it down, so to speak, and make it so that it would only require [some EP] or above, but it really didn’t like that. So AL it is.

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Six Animated TSM Clothes Chests

Six Animated Clothes Chests

Category: Misc. -> Dressers
EPs Required: None – base game compatible
Poly Count: Low poly (>950)

Yes, I know the TSM clothes chests have been converted and made into functional dressers before, and I wasn’t going to do them at first… only the chests I’ve seen have all been static, and as you might have figured out by now, I have a thing for animated objects. So, I started to think about any chest-like objects in game whose animations I could steal use to make these into functional animated clothes chests – and realised there was one. So I did. :)

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TSM Stereo in LACK Colours

TSM Stereo in LACK Colours

Category: Electronics -> Audio
Cost: $750
EPs Required: University or above
Poly Count: Low poly

So, there I was, minding my own business, scrolling through the TSM game files looking for… something I can’t quite remember, but anyway. There I was, happily scrolling through the files – and then I did a double-take, going “was that file called stereo?” Scrolled back up, and sure enough, there was a mesh called “stereoModern”, complete with textures. :o Now, I’m reasonably sure they didn’t have stereos in medieval times, so my guess is that this was an object from another game (TS3, perhaps?) that EA was using as a template for something and then as per EA usual didn’t bother to take out. But I liked the way it looked, and like I said it had textures and everything… so I went ahead and converted it anyway. Converted, mind, not just recoloured. :P

It requires at least one EP, but it doesn’t matter which one – anything between UNI and AL goes.

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Hunk Smith the Sim

Hunk Smith

A simple blacksmith, lowly born, unlettered and unknown, who toils for bread from early morn till half the night has flown…

So, the hunky blacksmith model (cleverly named Hunk Smith) I used for the blacksmith’s anvil I uploaded recently turned out to be almost as popular as the anvil itself. :mrgreen: I hadn’t planned on uploading him originally, but people wanted him and far be it from me to deprive anyone’s game of a good smith, ;) so here he is available for download.

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